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"We strive to be the kind of provider that we would entrust our loved ones to"

Eaton Alliance is a community-based service provider for individuals with disabilities, offering an array of services to suit the unique needs and objectives of youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as traumatic brain injuries. Our services range from thoughtfully chosen group homes, to loving and safe host homes, to competent and purposeful supported living care, to enriching and amusing day and after-school programs. Each of our programs is designed to promote opportunities to:

  • make daily choices
  • work toward their own goals
  • have happy learning and leisure experiences that are aligned with their unique interests
  • contribute in consequential ways to their own living situations
  • gain psychosocial development
  • increase their participation and involvement in the community.

Parents, families, natural supports, medical providers and caseworkers are all meaningfully included on the empowering teams that provide stability, fulfillment and quality to the lives of individuals we serve. Each individual in Eaton Alliance services is offered competent care by thoroughly trained, carefully selected and uniquely talented and compassionate staff members who all share the common goal and mantra of being the kind of caregiver we would want serving our own loved ones. The result is a vast and deeply committed extension to the families of each of our individuals in care.

Eaton Alliance is funded by the Department of Services for People with Disabilities, with private pay models on request.

mission statement

We, the people of EATON Alliance, humbly desire to make a positive and indelible dent in the universe. We intend to accomplish this grandiose and ambitious endeavor by using the vehicles of love and service to others. We will make all company decisions based on a Christian concern for all men. We desire to improve and enrich the lives of each and every soul whose path we cross: ourselves, our families, our employees, our clients, and all other affiliated parties. We believe it is a privilege and a gift from Heavenly Father to live now, in tremendous and terrible times, in this great God-given country, and we intend to utilize this privilege to better all mankind and wear out our mortalities in the vineyard of service.


Eaton Alliance “came to pass” in 2004, created by two brothers, Dave and Jimmy Eaton, who were raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Both brothers relocated to Utah in their young adulthood, and at the coaxing of a dear friend of theirs who wanted better services for her autistic son, Eaton Alliance was created, with a single client in its services.

Dave was an eccentric, idealistic musician-armchair psychologist-poet and kindergarten teacher (for children with autism) and Jimmy was an effervescent, entrepreneurial and enterprising business dude.

The Eaton brothers didn’t set out to build a voluminous client roster, however, as they began experiencing awesome strides with their original client, their unique ideals and visionary methods caught the attention of the caregiving community. Before long, friends and colleagues within the industry began urging them to take on more individuals. With a resolute pledge to themselves, their one client, and to any future client who would come into their care that they would adhere faithfully to their small provider intimacy and mindset, the Eaton brothers relented, and exponential growth began.

Their chief desire was (and remains) to be a provider that they would be comfortable having their own loved one supported by. This standard included:

  • the cleanliness, aroma and condition of the home
  • the caliber and character of the staff providing care
  • the integrity and quality of the paperwork
  • the agency’s approach to behavior management (positive reinforcement— enveloped in brotherly love and clearly-defined parameters, and choices inside these parameters
  • the accessibility and frequency of communication and dialoguing between the leadership and executives
  • the appeal, meaningfulness and frequency of activities the client ventured out on with staff

In short, Eaton Alliance was striving (and still is) to envisage and actualize the highest quality provider possible, with a sustained commitment to providing an intimate, empowering and progressive environment for its clients and staff. Far from perfect, Eaton Alliance has made marked progress towards its original objectives.

So they grew (and still grow), organically and accidentally. Jimmy left the Eaton Alliance ranks for more lucrative pursuits. In 2006, Todd Thueson, the drummer in Dave’s band and all-around great guy with an accounting background, bought Jimmy’s share of Eaton Alliance. Todd brought equanimity and temperance and diplomacy and prudence to the Eaton Alliance table.

Eaton Alliance serves hundreds of individuals with myriad disabilities (although half of their consumers are on the autism spectrum). They will continue to grow and expand as long as they feel they’re maintaining their original goals and ideals of being a provider that serves individuals with disabilities at an optimal level. They will continue to strive to be the kind of provider that they would entrust their own loved ones to.

Our Services

"We strive to be the kind of provider that we would entrust our loved ones to"


Throughout Utah, Eaton Alliance has clean, attractive, safe and happy group homes where 24-hour assistance is offered by caring residential program managers and conscientiously chosen staff.

Day, Summer, After School

The incredible activities, reliable round-trip transportation, and the energetic, skilled and happy staff are just a few of the many great things about participating in Eaton Alliance’s programs.

Supported Living

The supported living program at Eaton Alliance offers purposeful and valuable scheduled time during which patient, competent staff become mentors who provide individualized attention.

Supported Employment

Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities soar in their self-confidence and personal fulfillment when they perform meaningful, valued tasks in jobs that gratify their interests and utilize their unique capabilities.

Host Home/Professional parenting

For individuals whose needs, personalities, or preferences are not suited to a traditional group home setting, we have a wide variety of competent, loving host homes and professional parents.

Respite Care

Eaton Alliance knows that families and contractors need and deserve occasional breaks from the routine of their caregiving, and we have an excellent, reliable corps of respite providers.

Clinical Services

A sensitive, perceptive and expert group of individuals constitute the behavioral services team at Eaton Alliance.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Eaton Alliance Employment Services is a dynamic vendor for Vocational Rehabilitation staffed by an energetic, positive and compassionate corps of job coaches.

Care Giver

Make a Difference in the Lives of Individuals with Disabilities

Our direct caregivers enjoy a range of opportunities to assist the individuals we serve, including (but not limited to) community activities and outings, help with basic living and social skills, assistance with progress toward individuals’ personal goals, accomplishing errands and tasks, and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of these individuals.

Our clients can present some challenging behaviors so we are looking for individuals who are:
  • able to stay calm and avoid power struggles
  • willing and physically able to assist clients use the restroom and stay safe
  • show empathy when a client is overwhelmed
  • cheer them on as they take steps forward!

We will provide you with training in working with individuals with disabilities, including how to handle problem behaviors.

If you:
  • have a desire to help individuals with disabilities
  • are able to keep up with energetic individuals and engage in fun activities
  • have a car and are willing to use it
  • can pass a background check
  • are available between the hours of 1:00 pm –8:00 pm and/or weekends

In return, we will provide you with an above-average wage ($11.25), a casual work environment, and a chance to work with some of the coolest clients who will change you for the better!

Experience is valuable, but sincere interest, compassion, upbeat attitude, and a solid work ethic are most important.

Group Home Manager

Enthusiastic, organized, and compassionate manager needed to oversee group home, community supports, and activities for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. This is both a rewarding and demanding position which may include responsibilities such as:
  • maintaining a smoothly running group home
  • assisting individuals in participating in activities in the community or working toward their individual goals
  • building, scheduling, training, and managing program staff
  • and providing respectful and competent care to residents

Eaton Alliance has become one of the Top 10 care providers for individuals with disabilities in the state of Utah. Our mantra is "be the kind of provider that we would want serving our own loved ones."

Program managers lead a dedicated team of caregivers in assisting adult residents in day-to-day living, actively engaging in meaningful activities, and working towards independence through a focus on building social and life skills and being involved in the communities they live in.

This is a fulfilling career in itself and is also a great experience for those working toward degrees in psychology, medicine, recreation therapy, exercise science, sociology, or related fields and careers.

We are looking for individuals who are interested in making at least a 2-year commitment to us to join our management team. Consistency in staff is greatly important to the health and well-being of the individuals we serve.

Entry level direct caregiver positions are open as well, and we love to promote our most talented and dedicated direct care staff to management positions.

We offer comprehensive training, ongoing support, guidance through certifications required by the state, opportunities for advancement, a casual dress code, and benefits.

CNA experience is helpful in some of our programs, but is not required.

Need to be able to lift 50+ lbs. and physically assist/restrain individuals served, if necessary (according to training we provide).

In compliance with the requirement of the Department of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD), we do perform background checks on each prospective employee at Eaton Alliance.

Salary: DOE

Registered Behavior Technician

Eaton Alliance is looking to hire a proactive and enthusiastic Registered Behavior Technician!

The RBT teaches adaptive living skills and implements behavior interventions for the individuals Eaton Alliance serves. The priority of the RBT is to optimally and effectively implement behavior approaches that lead to self-efficacy and autonomy, thus enriching the client’s overall quality of life.

Requirements for the RBT:
  • maintaining a smoothly running group home
  • assisting individuals in participating in activities in the community or working toward their individual goals
  • building, scheduling, training, and managing program staff
  • and providing respectful and competent care to residents

If you are a Registered Behavior Technician that is interested in working for a client-centered and family oriented company, apply with Eaton Alliance!

Wage: $16-$18 per hour

Host Home

Eaton Alliance is one of the top 10 care providers for individuals with disabilities in the state of Utah. Our mantra is to "be the kind of provider that we would want serving our own loved ones."

We are looking for applicants who are interested in hosting individuals with disabilities in their home.

Qualifications include:
  • Each person in the home (over the age of 18) must be able to pass a background check
  • Obtain a physician’s clearance to provide care for an individual with disabilities
  • Must be 21 or older

A Host Home Provider is an individual or family who wants to make a difference in the life of an adult with a developmental disability. Host Home Providers welcome a person with a disability into their lives and home to become part of their family and provide the support and companionship they need to thrive.

As a Host Home Provider, you will earn a TAX-FREE monthly stipend. The stipend varies based on the needs of the individual you support. In addition, you will receive a monthly allowance for room and board.

Host Home Providers are responsible for basic home care and related responsibilities. This can include providing nutritious meals, assisting with personal hygiene (which could include toileting), transportation to medical appointments and recreational activities, ensuring access to community activities, and supervision based on the needs of the individual you are supporting. Host Home Providers will be trained regarding individual service plans, maintaining records and documentation regarding the services and supports being provided, as well as additional training required by the State of Utah (Eaton Alliance facilitates these training classes).

This is an excellent source of secondary income as well as a wonderful opportunity for an individual or family to welcome an individual with disabilities into their home and make a positive impact on their lives.

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