Empowering Lives,
One Day at a Time

Empowering Lives, One Day at a Time

We strive to be the kind of provider that we would entrust our loved ones to.

Eaton Alliance is a community-based service provider for individuals with disabilities, offering an array of services to suit the unique needs and objectives of youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as traumatic brain injuries.

Our services range from thoughtfully chosen group homes, to loving host homes, purposeful supported living care, and to enriching day programs.
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Each of our programs is designed to promote opportunities to:

Make daily choices
Pursue individual goals
Enjoy personalized learning and leisure
Improve personal living conditions
Gain psychosocial development
Boost community engagement
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Each individual in Eaton Alliance services is offered competent care by thoroughly trained, carefully selected and uniquely talented and compassionate staff members who all share the common goal of our mantra of being the kind of caregiver we would want serving our own loved ones.
Parents, families, natural supports, medical providers and caseworkers are all meaningfully included on the empowering teams that provide stability, fulfillment and quality to the lives of individuals we serve.
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The result is a vast and deeply committed extension to the families of each of our individuals in care.

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Our Services

Throughout Utah, Eaton Alliance has clean, attractive, safe and happy group homes where 24-hour assistance is offered by caring residential program managers and conscientiously chosen staff.
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Day & Summer
The incredible activities, reliable round-trip transportation, and the energetic, skilled and happy staff are just a few of the many great things about participating in Eaton Alliance’s programs.
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Supported Living
The supported living program at Eaton Alliance offers purposeful and valuable scheduled time during which patient, competent staff become mentors who provide individualized attention.
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Supported Employment
Individuals with developmental disabilities soar in their self-confidence and personal fulfillment when they perform meaningful tasks in jobs that gratify their interests and utilize their unique capabilities.
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Host Homes
For individuals whose needs, personalities, or preferences are not suited to a traditional group home setting, we have a wide variety of competent, loving host homes and professional parents.
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Respite Care
Eaton Alliance knows that families and contractors need and deserve occasional breaks from the routine of their caregiving, and we have an excellent, reliable corps of respite providers.
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We manage their finances, ensuring bills are paid and assisting with shopping for essentials and personal desires, including securing an EBT card. We establish and encourage adherence to a monthly budget tailored to their income. Additionally, we coordinate medical care, including doctor appointments and medication needs.
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